sunrise Gospel Hour
Founded By Oscar Lowry On
CFCN Radio Calgary

rev. Oscar Lowry - Evangelist

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Founder of the Sunrise Gospel Hour in 1938.
Oscar Lowry was an evangelist from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.|
He had conducted previous public evangelistic meetings in the Grand Theatre and brought many associates up from the States, some of whom would host Sunrise Gospel Hour after his campaign here was over.

The Scripture Memorizing System was written by Oscar Lowry and was
Matched with a Scripture Memory Card Box published by Moody Bible Institute.

Books of Oscar Lowry
This Evangelist Wrote Many Interesting Books
in his time and was not shy about applying the Bible to all subjects of life.
Some of Oscar Lowry Books

Second Coming of Christ

Hell and Who is Going There

The Book Of Books

The Sin Wer'e Afraid To Mention and it's Remedy

The Way Of A Man With A Maid

A Virtuous Woman

USA Oscar Lowry Crusade Notice May 20,1914.

Obituary Of Bessie Lowry - pdf